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STROKE 2023 - Résumé

This year, once again, Munich's award-winning art fair, STROKE, attracted many art enthusiasts to the Bavarian capital and I was one of the selected artists.

Besucher:innen in Tracht vor meinem Stand auf der STROKE art fair 2023 in München
Visitors in front of my stand at the STROKE art fair 2023 in Munich.

Since I exhibited at STROKE in 2021, I encountered some familiar faces among the national and international artists this year. I also had the opportunity to engage in conversations with visitors who have been following my work and were eagerly anticipating my new art works. The buyer of "Deep #1" proudly showed me a video of his Tyrolean vacation home, where the space-consuming artwork now unfolds its effect. Thanks to Munich for this warm welcome.

In addition to showcasing works from the 9-part series "Playa" and the artwork "Tenerife", I also displayed the second piece "Deep #2", from the eponymous 3-part series. "Deep #2" garnered significant popularity among many visitors and was purchased on the final day of the fair by a sculptor from Munich. For me personally, it was a great honor to be able to create so much enthusiasm in a person who himself creates outstanding art.

Another result of the weekend is a commissioned work that a visitor of the fair requested. I enjoy working on custom projects when I can identify with the vision, as in this case. I am already looking forward to bringing to life the ideas I am currently developing for the client.

In addition to the aforementioned pieces, one of my largest works to date, "Vertical", had its highly anticipated premiere at the fair. You can read more details about this artwork in my second email tomorrow morning.

In addition to the aforementioned artworks, one of my largest pieces to date, "Vertical", had its premiere at the fair. You can find more details about this artwork in this blog post.

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