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The Artwork "Vertical"

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

"Vertical" is the second largest artwork in my portfolio, measuring 163cm x 140cm, following "Ocean" from 2020. It is comprised of 182 pieces, each of which is hand-brushed, -sanded, -colored and -oiled, as with all my works.

I started climbing more than 10 years ago. My friend Felix and I used to regularly go to the bouldering gym during our studies in Chemnitz. Later, when I moved to Berlin, I began rope climbing. Since Berlin's landscape is limited to garbage or rubble mountains, I unfortunately have fewer opportunities to climb on real rocks and have to settle for the numerous climbing gyms in Berlin.

But whether it's bouldering or roped climbing, outdoors or indoors, what excites me about climbing is overcoming boundaries, both physically and mentally. When I climb, I am highly focused and, at the same time, experience a sense of great freedom - in my opinion, a fantastic combination.

I am also planning a series based on the motif of "Vertical" similar to my other works. It will consist of two additional pieces, making a total of three works, which, as with my other series, will differ in their color choices.

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