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The series "Playa"

The 9-piece series "Playa" is a kind of novelty in my portfolio, both because of the abstract approach and the small (35 x 35 cm) format.

At exhibitions and fairs I was often asked if I also had something smaller in my portfolio. Many of my pictures are very space-consuming and quite a few apartments simply do not have the suitable wall for it. With the project "Playa" I have started the attempt to bring even in smaller rooms a bit of marine feeling.

Why marine feeling? As inspiration for the series served me the extended walk on the beach, which we have all done at one time or another. When the pleasant sound of the waves rolling on the sand washes all the useless thoughts out of your head and you slowly come to rest.

To capture this moment, I have been looking for a long time for a suitable photograph of a beach that would be appropriate for it. After I made a find, I placed nine cut-outs in the photo, each of which I interpreted with the technique I developed for the artwork "Tenerife". This resulted in nine individual unique artworks of the same size, in which a total of 11,025 hand-dyed wooden cubes were processed.

Um diesen Moment festzuhalten, habe ich lange nach einer passenden Luftaufnahme eines Strandes gesucht, die dem gerecht wird. Nachdem ich fündig geworden bin, habe ich neun Ausschnitte in die Aufnahme gelegt, von denen ich jeden einzelnen mit der Technik interpretiert habe, die ich für das Kunstwerk "Tenerife" entwickelt habe. So entstanden neun individuelle Unikate gleicher Größe, in denen insgesamt 11.025 handgefärbte Holzwürfel verarbeitet wurden.

The aerial photo of a beach with the nine inset cut-outs

I hope the result serves its purpose and brings the viewer briefly back to the beach, where no phone rings and no e-mailbox flashes. You can find more pictures of "Playa" here. Forthermore you will find all artworks still available including it´s prices in the catalog.

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