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Wooden Art.



Each unique piece of work has been personally handcrafted by Clemens. If you want to know more, take a look at the catalogue or contact him directly.


Clemens studied in Chemnitz (Germany) and moved to Berlin after graduation. Here he is working as an artist since 2015.

He works exclusively with the material wood, from which he creates space-consuming works of art that inspire his customers with their vividness and expressiveness. Read more about Clemens and his work in the artist catalog.


Artist's Statement:

"You sit in the office and scroll through the Excel sheet. Just a quick distraction: browser, news, Facebook. After work in the restaurant, the partner disappears shortly on the toilet. Unused time: Cell phone, WhatsApp, e-mails. In the evening, done for the day, drop onto the couch: TV, tablet, streaming. Falling asleep. In the morning, right after waking up: Cell phone, headlines, Instagram...

Sometimes you feel like you only see the world through screens. Your head can't rest, too many images and videos, too many topics in too short a time.


That's why I love these moments when there is no screen far and wide. Laptop closed, phone off. Out of the city and into nature. No appointments, just movement. One topic, one goal. Whether jogging through the forest at sunrise, climbing a rock face, or paragliding through the air. Whether you tackle serpentines on a racing bike, glide on deep snow on a snowboard, or simply hike along a field path. There are a thousand possibilities, the result is the same: Breathing deeply, focusing our thoughts. We throw off ballast. All the useless information are deleted. You find it again, your center. The mind relaxes. Better than screens. More real.

This is exactly the feeling I try to capture in my work. When you take a look at one of my pictures on your wall in the morning and briefly remember that it's not the screens that are reality, but that it's out there. If you decide for yourself when your next adventure starts, then I have achieved my goal."




Art fair "ARTe", solo stand, Osnabrück, Germany


Fair for Contemporary Art STROKE, solo stand, Munich, Germany


Art fair "Neue ArT", solo stand, Dresden, Germany


Fair for Contemporary Art STROKE, solo stand, Munich, Germany


"Parts of nature", solo exhibition, Gallery Bunter Hund Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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