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Dresden's art fair "NEUE ArT" 2022

In October, I exhibited at the "NEUE ArT" in Dresden and I must admit: In the days before the art fair it has become a little hectic in my atelier. But eventually I got everything done and so all 3 new artworks hung just in time on the white wall - ready to shine.

Clemens auf der Kunstmesse Neue Art in Dresden 2022
In front of my booth at the art fair "Neue Art" in Dresden, October 2022

To Dresden I brought both two new artworks from the series "Wolf" and "Deep" as well as the new 9-piece series "Playa", in which I have chosen a more abstract approach for the first time.

Even though the art weekend in Dresden took place under difficult conditions (skyrocketing gas prices, inflation, ...), the fair was still a complete success for me for several reasons.

On the one hand, the atmosphere among the artists and gallery owners was very hearty, as it is often the case at art fairs, and it was fun to exchange ideas and meet new people.

Personal highlights for me are when visitors come to the fair especially because of my art and, as in the case of a visitor on Sunday, even make the effort of travelling from Berlin to Dresden for it. I really appreciate such meetings.

And also the new series "Playa" met much positive response. Two artworks from the 9-piece series have found a new owner directly.

Therefore I look back very grateful and satisfied on the NEUE ArT 2022 in Dresden.

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