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STROKE art fair in Munich 2021

Summer is slowly coming to an end and autumn is not really known for creating a lot of anticipation in people. But this year there may be a little highlight in the grey season.

This is because from 07 - 10 October '21 the STROKE art fair will take place in Munich. Twice it has been postponed since its original date in March 2020 due to corona, which is why I'm extra happy now that it's finally happening.

Together with many great and exciting artists, I will also have a booth there and exhibit my artwork. Among other pieces, I´ll bring two completely new works of art: The 1.5 x 1 meter sized new work "Apnoe" and the latest wolf - the fifth of the 9-part series. Both works will have their premiere at this fair.

So if you want to see young, fresh and contemporary art, see and touch my works live and sweeten my 8-hour exhibition day with a chat, then feel welcome to stop by.

All information about prices, opening hours and so on you can find at

Hope to see you there, all the best


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